Luxury Floral in Toronto

Flowers can drastically enhance the look of any room no matter its function. Even if it’s just a small collection of flowers in the corner of the room, its colours, fragrance and presentation can elevate the ambiance and atmosphere. You can never underestimate the importance of incorporating floral arrangements in your next event, which is why you need to call (905) 856-6004 to get your hands on the most luxurious floral arrangements in the Toronto area.

Covers Couture Decor and Floral Design was founded in 2006 by husband and wife John and Tina Scalzo and quickly became the top provider of elite event decor. Whether you are celebrating a family or corporate event, the Covers Couture will create the perfect ambiance for your occasion with Tina’s unique vision and John’s unparalleled professionalism.

Because Covers Couture Decor and Floral Design is a family-owned and operated business, you can count on us to deliver impeccable results with your luxury floral design. Customer satisfaction is as important as creating beautiful bouquets, which is why we pay extra special attention to your requests, the details of your event and what you hope to accomplish with these luxury florals.

If you are not entirely sure of what luxury florals can do for your upcoming event, call (905) 856-6004 to speak to us directly and we’ll be happy to provide you with ideas and suggestions.

Principles of Luxury Floral Arrangements

No matter the type of event you are hosting, getting the right luxury floral design enhances the decor. We always strive to provide our customers with totally unique designs and arrangements because no two events are identical. Our goal is to make your event uniquely memorable based on the details of your event. Still, we are guided by a set of principles to assure quality with every unique design.

These principles include:

  • Design. When we think of a luxury floral design, we consider its structural pattern. The size and shape is visualized, which then allows us to determine the location, occasion and the material available.
  • Balance. Arrangements need stability and this balance can be achieved by weighing the materials used. Striking balance in an arrangement depends on the form and the colour. We can also strike two types of balances: symmetrical and asymmetrical. Just tell us what you have planned and we’ll be able to figure out what balance works best for you.
  • Scale. The different proportions of the various elements that make up the bouquet will determine the best fit for the size of container to put the arrangement on display.
  • Rhythm. We emphasize the direction of the viewer’s eye along the main line of the arrangement so that the entire composition can be taken in.
  • Emphasis. The central portion of the floral arrangement from where the flowers and foliage of the arrangement appear to be emerging from is known as the focal point and it’s something we excel at in our luxury floral arrangements.
  • Harmony and Unity. Are the flowers chosen appropriate for the occasion? Do the colors blend? These are the questions we need to ask to achieve maximum harmony and unity with your luxury floral arrangement for your upcoming event.

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